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How To Get Your Smog Check

How To Get Your Smog Check

Need a smog test on your car in California?

If so, don’t hesitate. The longer you wait to get your car to a mechanic for that smog check, the more stress you’re causing yourself! 

As much as we like to complain about them, smog tests in California really don’t need to be a big deal. As long as you’re working with a reliable California mechanic, you can be in, out, and on the road again in no time.

Here’s a quick, step-by-step guide to handling your next smog check, stress-free. 

1. Plan Ahead

First thing’s first: do you know when your last smog check was?

All California vehicles (with a just few exceptions, like hybrids and brand new cars) have to pass a smog test every 2 years to maintain their registration. This restriction helps to protect the environment and keep our air clean. 

If you’re not sure when you need your next smog test, check your registration. You have to get your car to a mechanic within 2 years of your last smog check. Plan ahead to make sure you can renew your registration before that date is up.

2. Find A Great Mechanic

Next, find a reliable mechanic in your neighborhood to get your car smogged. 

Don’t just go with the first smog shop you can find. Unfortunately, too many people out there will overcharge for their services and try to sell you unnecessary upgrades or maintenance you don’t need. 

That’s why it’s so important to do your research, read some reviews, and find a California smog mechanic with the best reputation. 

3. Make An Appointment

Once you’ve found the best mechanic in your area, give them a call to set up an appointment. 

If you make an appointment ahead of time, you won’t have to wait in line. The smog check itself should be pretty fast: all your mechanic has to do is check your car’s emissions control devices and get a reading from the tailpipe, so it shouldn’t take long! 

As long as you follow those three steps and stick with a top-rated smog facility, your smog check is nothing to stress about.